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Looking for a expert food affair to complement your special occasion. Look no further! Redtag Caterers provide a sumptuous food itinerary to fulfill your each and every catering need. Be it a large, mid or small sized event, our full-range of outdoor

Intimate Gatherings

House Parties Birthdays Baby Showers Seven-course Sit Down Meals Kid’s Parties with kid-friendly menus

Wedding Event

Bridal Showers Mehendi Cocktail Parties Pool Parties Bachelorette Parties

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Corporate Events

Business Meets Office Celebrations Retail Events Ad Film Shoots

Media Events

Store launches Collection/Book Launches Press meets PR Events

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Red tag caterers in Chandigarh are committed to providing hygienically produced food in such a way that the minimum possible time elapses from our cooktop to your table. All perishables are locally procured on a daily basis. We use only branded products as the raw and intermediate products in food production .
we use fresh whole spices & best Oil from fortune Soya, Milk products from Amul and verka.

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by Admin, 5th April, 2021

3rd March, 2021

Corporate catering in Chandigarh

When you think of an event one of the first things that comes to mind — for better or worse — is the food. You remember the flavours, the presentation, how each bite made you feel. Food should be a big deal! When it comes to planning your...

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Highly recommend catering in Chandigarh

Red tag caterers in chandigarh have become the first choice for gluten-free catering and vegetarian catering in chandigarh. Please take the time to view our website and then contact us via telephone or our online form to discuss your needs and requir...

3rd March, 2021

Customized catering service in Chandigarh

At Red tag Catering, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of each specific client and event. We offer top-quality and affordable services for customised catering in chandigarh for all types and scales of events. We ...

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